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Thank you Mr. Grenia!

Dan Grenia with his sons, Jon and Jason. Thank you for providing our Culver's Custard for dessert tonight!  See the the next photo  - players making their own...

2013 —- FlashBACK to 7th grade!

  2013 7th grade JR FLYER highlight video  part 2  2013 7th grade JR FLYER highlight video   complimentary videos made possible by ELAINE...

Senior Spotlight

Ron Harris #82

Position:  TE,DE

Ron joined the Flyers during their Jr. Flyer season.  He is now starting his third year of high school football.  He plays football for the boys.  He enjoys the hitting when playing other teams.  The team he wanted to beat the most this season was Eureka.  What he will miss most about high school football is – the boys.  Ron plans to work and attend a trade school.

LFA wishes you the best, Ron!


Lindbergh vs Parkway  South 10.19.18

Friday  7:00 P.M.



Arby’s Highlights Fox 2 News

Highlight video Lindbergh vs Lafayette