SUNDAY NIGHT LIGHTS September 24, 2017

Lindbergh Students Honor the Dreams of Children Battling Cancer


On Sunday, September 24 the Lindbergh community will present its 8th annual SUNDAY NIGHT LIGHTS event for children who are battling cancer and other life-altering childhood illnesses. Sunday Night Lights unites the Lindbergh district student body and community organizations to recreate a Friday night high school football game experience under the stadium lights — all on a Sunday night, and all featuring our special guest heroes and their siblings as flag football players, marching band members, cheerleaders and pom pom girls.

The event is designed to provide these children and their families a memorable evening together, while reminding them that they are supported in their battles by a caring community.

The event is free to all participants. Year-round student fundraisers, concession stand proceeds and community donations help make this event possible. Endorsed by Friends of Kids with Cancer, Rainbows for Kids and Camp Rainbow, the event has grown to uniquely touch the lives of hundreds each year.

Publicity is needed to help spread the word to potential participants throughout St. Louis and surrounding counties, as this year’s event is poised to accommodate even more children and families who could use  support and encouragement from the community.  In addition, ALL community members are invited to help fill the stands for festivities beginning at 5:45 p.m. to help cheer on these special heroes as they take the field. Admission is free, donations are accepted for Sunday Night Lights and a concession stand will be available.

For additional information on SUNDAY NIGHT LIGHTS please visit the website at or contact  Lori Krueger at (314) 842-6678.