Lindbergh Football Association

A Look Back Gives Insight to the Future

Lindbergh Flag Football

The Lindbergh Flag Football program was initiated in 2001 by LHS Varsity Coach Tom Beauchamp and lead by Kennerly Elementary School parent Gary Amstutz. Gary was assisted by dozens of parents, adult volunteers, and coaches. The Lindbergh Flag Football program grew from its humble inception of 50 youngsters and four teams into currently one of the most highly regarded flag programs in our region.  Gary’s goal was to introduce Flag Football as a fun, instructional program for the youth in our community while developing sportsmanship, leadership, and a love and passion for the game of football. Together with Coach Beauchamp and Lindbergh parent volunteer Mike Miller, the trio envisioned a strong partnership between the then NFL St. Louis RAMS and the Lindbergh Flag Football program that would prove to be invaluable in the establishing years of the growing program.


Junior Flyers Football

The Junior Flyer’s Program was greeted with much enthusiasm from district students, administration and parents. The Junior Football program was introduced and became part of the same conference that included teams from Hazelwood, Webster Groves, Parkway, and Mehlville. The schedule included opponents that Lindbergh currently competed against at the 9th, JV, and varsity levels. Coaches and parent organizers recognized the need to fully enhance the junior level program to become the ideal feeder-program for the high school athletes. As this program grew in size and scope, it rendered passionate, well coached and capable young players ready to begin playing at the HS level.


From High School Booster Club to Lindbergh Football Association

In 2005, Coach Beauchamp and Flyer Mike Miller saw the opportunity to embrace and further support the potential of both the growing Lindbergh Flag Football and the Junior Flyers Football program. They united the unique energy and passion of the ever-increasing Lindbergh Football community of parents, players, fans and coaches. The 501c3 Lindbergh Football Association was established with this following mission and vision:  Through hard work, dedication and commitment, Lindbergh Football strives to be a program that produces outstanding young men on the field and in the community.


All football aficionados know there is much more to the game than what is seen on the field. Many hours, days and years go into the training of every successful football player. The Lindbergh Football Association is an organization of volunteers that seeks to provide state of the art training equipment, game equipment and opportunities for player development.


From left: Lindbergh Flag Football Founders Gary Amstutz, Coach Beauchamp, Mike Miller.


Another dream of Gary and Mike’s was to establish a college scholarship to be given to a Lindbergh youth who had participated in either Flag Football or Jr. Flyers as either a player or as a referee.  Both men envisioned this scholarship going to a student that shared a passion for the game of football, contributed to community service, and demonstrated leadership both on and off the field.  With the sudden deaths of Gary Amstutz in 2006 and Mike Miller in 2011, the legacy of these dedicated, hard working Flyer volunteers lives on with the hundreds of elementary students participating in the Flag Football program and in the 501(c)3 organization that encompasses the entire Flyer football community.